Tired of having to pay an outrageous fee for licensing out sportsbook or online casino software? Some companies charge over $300,000 to lease out their platform (the operative word being “lease”). A nonperforming licensee can have the plug pulled by the software proprietor. They, in turn, obtain your customer database.

I’m asked all the time this very same question: How do I go about starting an offshore sportsbook? It’s not always easy and I find myself more often than not steering people away from predatory software purveyors…without much of a selection left over thereafter.

21st-century-techno-bookieOffshore Turnkey may be the perfect solution. The company acts as a data processing and call center for many individual sportsbook owners and agents, some of which have several hundred players. They also provide their own offshore sportsbook turnkey software, with an turnkey casino package likely in the near future.

Michael Lee, Offshore Turnkey’s owner, is part of a new breed of bookmakers emigrating from the Southeastern United States (in this case North Carolina ). Players find the dose of southern hospitality refreshing when compared to the old school hard core New York mentality that for some time prevailed throughout this industry.

“Customer service is the key to our success,” explained Lee, who has maintained a small base of clients for two years now in Costa Rica . “Every one of our customers receives one on one personalized attention whether they have 200 players or just three.”

Lee is looking to expand his lucrative enterprise substantially for the upcoming football season and beyond, making them an ideal casino turnkeys business for all your needs.

How does one get started in the industry without paying an arm and a leg? Offshore Turnkey simply handles all wagering and processing. The only thing you as an operator or agent need is a customer base – two will suffice in the beginning. In a nutshell, the only work required for clients is to bring in business (players).

“We charge a $30.00 fee per customer per week no matter how much he or she plays. Offshore Turnkey will not charge for a guy or gal who happens to take off for a week. They place one bet in a given week, we charge $30.00. They place a hundred bets in a given week, we charge $30.00.”

If one guy happens to lose $2000.00 in a given week, that is $1970.00 in profit for a given sportsbook owner or agent.

Not only is the fee structure affordable, Lee’s operation will also customize each package to include whatever sport a client desires. Present clients of Offshore Turnkey, for example, tend to write up a substantial number of NASCAR bets.

For an additional cost, you as the client may request your own customized website linking to the back end of Lee’s primary operation. Otherwise all your players will have the ability to place bets online via the Offshore Turnkey site or they have the option of wagering over the phone.

“We do not handle any of the money transactions,” explained Lee. “We are not responsible for payments and collections, therefore our clients have complete control over that aspect.”

Unlike the majority of software providers, this type of set up allows clients to maintain full management over their own players. Customer services is the only intangible an operator or agent would ever have to worry about, however, that will never be an issue at Offshore Turnkey.

“I treat everyone the same way I would expect to be treated myself,” said Lee. “There is no discriminating at our office and our clients will never have to worry about his or her players experiencing mistreatment.”

Other benefits of operating under the Offshore Turnkey banner include, but are not limited to: 800 numbers taken quickly by efficient staff of professionals; wagers recorded into database and balances adjusted immediately after each game; instant reports made up to a client’s specifications; state-of-the-art satellite technology ensuring bets can be placed during crunch times; elimination of overhead costs such as labor, rent and ridiculous phone bills.

Call or email to set up an appointment today and maintain an offshore sportsbook without the headaches:

You can also visit the website at Offshore Turnkey.