Betting Baseball in 2021

Just as the NCAA Tournament is wrapping up, the Major League Baseball season will begin. What a better time to talk about betting baseball in 2021? Baseball is not one of the top betting markets, but there are few options during the summer months.

Major League Baseball is clearly the biggest baseball market, but you can bet on some college baseball as well. Here is some information that will help you betting baseball in 2021.


Types of Baseball Bets – Betting Baseball in 2021

Betting baseball is a bit different than it is for other sports. Some of the same betting options are still available, but they work just a tad bit differently. 


A moneyline baseball bet is the most common that you will see offered from sportsbooks. This is also the most popular bet to make on baseball, and it is pretty straightforward.

With a moneyline bet, you are picking the team that you think will win the MLB or college game. A favorite will have a smaller payout than betting on an underdog.

Run Line

A run line bet when it comes to baseball is similar to a spread bet in other sports. Baseball is not a high-scoring game, and that’s why a typical spread bet is not offered.

Most of the time, the run line is set at 1.5 runs, but it could move. These betting lines are typically set at -110 for either side.


Over/under bets on baseball work the same way as they do in other sports. With this bet, you are making a wager on the total number of runs scored. When betting baseball in 2021, totals should be on your mind.

With baseball, you can also usually place an over/under for runs scored per inning. Be sure to look at all over/under betting options.

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Another popular baseball bet is a futures bet. This is a wager placed on something set to take place down the road.

Most popular futures betting markets are World Series Championship and division titles. You can also make a futures bet on total wins and player props.

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Where to Bet on Baseball

Retail Sportsbooks

In-person betting is the most traditional way to bet on baseball, and this remains an option. Most retail sportsbooks are located at casinos or sports stadiums. 

If you live in a state where sports betting is legal, you should have some in-person betting options. 

Online Sportsbook Apps When Betting Baseball in 2021

Most states that have legalized sports betting have also made online betting available. Sportsbooks are able to launch sportsbook apps that can be downloaded. 

If your state has legal sports betting, be sure to check for online options. 

Favorites to Win 2021 World Series

Betting odds to win the 2021 World Series are already out, and it’s a good time to make this wager. The Los Angeles Dodgers are the current betting favorites at +350.

The New York Yankees are second on the list at +500, and they are the favorites to win the American League. The up-and-coming San Diego Padres are at +800 and look like a real threat. 

You can also find future betting odds available for individual player awards. These odds will continue to be updated as the season moves along.