Betting College football at an offshore sportsbooks

NFL gambling odds are often set with the line raning from 3 to 7 points. However with internet college fooball betting, it is not uncommon to see a favorite giving up anywhere from 30 to 50 points no any given weekend. This amount of points will never be seen for professional football games.

The huge point spreads, as any college wagering fan confirm make the games more exciting. Whereas the Pro Football trands tend to be very controlled and calculated, anything can happen betting on the internet with college football.

The connection to a University team is obviously much greater for fans than the Pros because a college team may represent much more than just football. There may be a connection to a student or perhaps the gambler is a former alumni. No matter how hard the NFL trys to duplicate that level of excitement, they will never come close to the rivalry of the college gridiron.

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