How Professionals Handicap Games

Some people bet for fun, but we all want to win. If you glance over the lines and place a bet, you’ll obviously have a chance to win. This amateur strategy can get your heart racing, but it won’t result in as many wins as a professional handicapper. Have you ever wondered how professionals handicap

Why Using Multiple Sportsbooks is Smart

Although you might be partial to a certain sportsbook, primarily for convenience purposes, there are reasons to use more. Using multiple sportsbooks instantly makes you a smarter bettor. Whether or how much you choose to expand your range of bookmakers depends on your budget and wagering tendencies. First of all, the gambling laws where you

Top Pay Per Head Sites Do The Hard Work

When looking for the top pay per head sites (PPH), it takes a village sometimes to find a good one. The reality is, when you’re interested in starting a book of your own, whether to go big or have fun with friends, it’s important to understand the challenges of starting your own PPH. The reality

Raise PPH Expectations for Pay Per Head Bookie Services

The last few months have been a rough go for anyone in the sports betting industry. The lack of live sports and sporting events has put a major squeeze of the weekly betting revenue coming in. It is time you raise PPH expectations. Road to Recovery As a private bookie running and managing your own

Top of the line online software

Price per Head is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to become the world-class bookie you want to be. By joining a good PPH service provider, you will be able to offer your players the best possible wagering experience in the least amount of time invested, with the least amount of effort. But what is

The Service that makes your life Easier

For bookies, the never-ending saga seems to be how to make everything work so that revenue is never a problem. For anyone that has ever been a bookie, you can attest to the difficulties. The difficulties come from everywhere. There are certainly financial difficulties that must be tackled head-on but there are more than simply

PayPerHead247 Helps You Every Step of the Way

Whether you’re starting a sportsbook for the first time or you’re bringing your local bookie business online, it always helps to have a team assisting you throughout the entire process. Even if you have zero experience running a sportsbook and/or website, pay per head (PPH) services are designed to ensure everyone can successfully run an

Three Ideas needed for your Bookie Business

In an ever-changing gaming market, bookies are always looking for new ideas and ways in which to grow their business and profit margins. Although there are many great ways in which to improve your online sportsbook, we have narrowed the field to the top 3 profitable online business ideas that are born of the gaming

Create a Custom PPH Site

Even in 2019, there are still many old school local bookies that accept bets through phone/text only and keep track of everything by themselves using software such as Microsoft Excel. However, the old school bookie is a dying breed and has been since the internet went mainstream. For years now, sports bettors have been able

How to make easy Money

There are easy ways to make money and there are hard ways to make money. As the old saying goes, “work smart, not hard”, this is truth and the crux of the matter for anyone that wants to make great profits but doesn’t want to kill themselves doing it. As a bookie/casino manager you have