Create a Custom PPH Site

Even in 2019, there are still many old school local bookies that accept bets through phone/text only and keep track of everything by themselves using software such as Microsoft Excel.

However, the old school bookie is a dying breed and has been since the internet went mainstream.

For years now, sports bettors have been able to open an account at a bookie’s website and start betting on any of the available markets instantly. They have become used to this convenience.

If you want to open a sportsbook today, you need a custom website where your players will be able to open accounts and place wagers automatically without the need for you to accept bets.

Website developers are inexpensive today, but what about the betting odds and backend? Setting up a WordPress website isn’t going to be sufficient if you want to compete with other bookies.

So, what should you do? I recommend joining a pay per head bookie service. Essentially, when you join a PPH shop, you’re paying them to rent the software, odds package and all of the features.

One of the features the best PPH shops offer is the ability to build your own custom website.


Building a Free Custom PPH Website

PPH services want your business and they’ll do what they can to earn your business. The majority of pay per head companies will build you a pay per free head website, but quality varies.

Some of the inexpensive services will offer you a choice of templates and you may be able to add a custom logo, but that’s about it. You don’t want another cookie-cutter design like everyone else.


The best PPH shops will build you a custom website and include various extras.

• Website Design: Some PPH services have in-house graphic designers and developers on the team to ensure all of the companies agents have access to custom graphics/designs. They will even build the website and get it live on the internet.

• Hosting: Never hosted a website, let alone one that utilizes various coding languages? Don’t worry, PPH services have lots of server space and will host your website for free. Just make sure they send you weekly back-ups of your website and data in case a problem arises.

• Domain: You need a domain to run a website and some PPH shops offer to purchase your first domain free of charge. However, I would advise against that. A .com domain will cost about $10/year. Having control of your own domain is imperative. If you run into problems with your PPH service, you don’t want them to have control of your domain.

Building a custom website with branding is important. Your local players might not care about the design, but if you start sourcing new clients online, they’ll expect a well-designed website.

The other benefit of having a custom website built by your PPH service is that they complete all of the updates on the software and servers to ensure your website is secure and functional.


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