How to Keep Players Betting at Your Sportsbook

The sports betting industry has skyrocketed since it was legalized in 2018. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act outlawed betting in 1992. With so much competition, it’s important to know how to keep players betting at your sportsbook.

But PASPA was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2018. This started the legal sports betting boom in America.

There is a ton of competition in sports betting between books. Every book is trying to get an advantage, but not every book is succeeding. If you want players to continue betting on your book, there are a few key things you should do.

Here are my top ways to keep players betting on your online sportsbook.

Bonuses and Promotions 

To make money on a sportsbook, you must entice players to bet. A great way to do this is through bonuses. All top online shops will have the best sportsbook betting bonuses and incentives.

The best books offer big bonuses to players, so this is necessary to compete. Offering bonuses may seem like you’ll lose money, but this will keep players betting on your book. To do this, they’ll utilize their own money once they run through bonuses. 

A large sign-up bonus is a great way to attract players. Matched deposits are the latest industry trend.

A great bonus gets players off to a hot start on your book. This will make them not want to leave.

You must reward frequent players as well to keep them attracted to your site. Frequent promotions are the best way to accomplish this goal.

To compete in the industry, you should have weekly promotions, holiday promotions, and big game bonuses. Players need a reason to bet on your site, and bonuses help make this happen.


Keep Players Betting with Generous Odds and Lines

Another way to keep players betting on your book is by providing generous lines and odds. You want to stand out.

Many books have similar lines. If you give players a point advantage, bettors will notice this on your site. You need competitive lines to keep players betting at your sportsbook.

A point can make a big difference for players, so they will often take this reward. You’ll win because more players will bet on your book.

This generosity will keep players coming back to your site for the long haul. If they know your book gives generous odds, they won’t bet a game without checking your book.

An Extensive Betting Menu

All bettors are different. Some like to bet the traditional American sports. Other bettors love to test their luck on European sports. Some like to bet darts or table tennis.

You need to appeal to the masses to keep players on your book. This is done by offering players an extensive betting menu with sports all over the world. This makes betting options endless.

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Rewards System Keep Players Betting

You should reward players for loyalty to your book. If players receive free play opportunities for being a loyal book member, they’ll play on your site.

This is a system that only the best books utilize, but it works well. A rewards system, along with frequent bonuses, are two great ways to keep bettors gambling on your book.

If you do these four things, your book will stand out. This will keep bettors playing on your site for every sport.