How to make easy Money

There are easy ways to make money and there are hard ways to make money. As the old saying goes, “work smart, not hard”, this is truth and the crux of the matter for anyone that wants to make great profits but doesn’t want to kill themselves doing it. As a bookie/casino manager you have an opportunity to make a great income if you play your cards correctly. You do not have to kill yourself in the process, you do not have to work 19-hour days and take phone calls and answer text messages at 3:00 AM! Those days are long over and have hit the bricks. Stop killing yourself for pennies on the dollar. Learn how to operate a successful online sportsbook, racebook, and casino with ease and make a pile of money doing so. There are many easy ways to make easy money in the gambling business, let’s take a look at a few of them.


Be Organized and have a Budget—

• There is simply no greater threat to your business then not having a fool-proof working budget and the best way to create this budget is through the use of a Pay Per Head, or what is known as a (PPH).


• A PPH is a turnkey solution for your sportsbook/casino business. What they offer is an automatic online presence with their bookmaking software. They set you up online and start the business for you. By signing up with a PPH you can be online with your entire client base within a day or so.


• If you have ever wanted to have an online sportsbook then now is the time to do so. The PPH companies are offering great prices and better yet, extended free trials. Now you can actually try before you buy, and they give you at least two weeks and even up to a month for free.


• What a PPH does for you is mange every aspect of your bookie business. They are your accountant, they are your odds makers, they set the daily lines and offer all of the sporting events that you care to offer your clients. The good news is that you can customize your site right along with the PPH. You are 100% in charge, you are the boss but now you have a personal assistant that knows what makes this business tick and they know how to make money.


Sportsbooks are Marginal, be Prepared—

•It is often said that bookies are rich guys or that the house always wins; not true, absurd! This is not meant to discourage anyone’s dreams, quite the opposite. What we are saying is that a good dose of reality is always helpful. A pound of knowledge is certainly helpful as well and experience goes a long way in this business.

•Sportsbooks make money and they lose money. This happens, it’s the very nature of the business. On the plus side, bettors must win on average 52-55% of the time in order to beat just the juice. So yes, from this perspective the house has a clear-cut edge. We never said the house doesn’t hold the edge, the house absolutely holds the edge. What we want you to know and understand first and foremost is this, the house does not always win. They always hold the edge, but that edge can be broken.

•The sportsbook business rides on waves, it’s an up and down business that can show enormous profits, but enormous losses. You must learn how to counteract the losses


How do Bookies overcome the Losses?—


**Casinos. It’s a one-word answer. Casinos are the cash cow that every bookie must have in the arsenal. If you want to ensure that your online gambling establishment is making a big profit, then you must have a casino to go along with your sportsbook. Casinos are the foolproof way of assuring big profit margins. You may lose a game or two on any given night in the sportsbook but it’s a guarantee that if you have players playing in your casino, you will make up for the losses .


•The PPH providers have come up with turnkey software for casinos and it’s state-of-the-art. If you are looking for bookie solutions, then find a great PPH that has a stellar reputation for customer service and one that offers a free extended trial. You will pay in the neighborhood of $10-$15 per head, per week for each player. You pay a one time fee per week and they can bet an unlimited number of times for the one low price.

The Pay per Head industry has literally take the online gaming industry by storm. They have taken over the business and it is working. If you are a bookie on any level and looking to make easy money, then a PPH is exactly where you need to be. Don’t give up on your dreams. There is big money to be made and it’s not difficult, it’s easy. The way to wealth is through thoughtful planning and careful budgeting, spend your money wisely and work smart not hard. Find a great PPH today and get started tonight with a free trial. Your clients will love you and they will come back for more.


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