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The football season is knocking on the door. The summer has flown by and the offseason has been a great one in both the NFL and the college ranks. Don’t let this NFL season pass you by without walking away a big winner. There are more than a couple of ways to ensure your success. One, have a top of the line, state of the art, online bookie service. If you are still toiling with a bookie that slow pays and finds every excuse in the book to not communicate with you; then dump them quickly. There are more than a few, top of the line bookies that will pay you cash to sign up with them. Make sure you read the fine print and the “terms and conditions”. Find a bookie that is willing to work with you on rollover amounts and contest entries. There is a lot of money to be made using both bonus money and more than one fantastic player contest.

Check out the top ten picks in the NFL Draft and you decide who got the better deal.

Pick No. Team Player Position School
1 Browns Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma
2 Giants Saquon Barkley RB Penn State
3 Jets Sam Darnold QB USC
4 Browns Denzel Ward CB Ohio State
5 Broncos Bradley Chubb DE N.C. State
6 Colts Quenton Nelson G Notre Dame
7 Bills Josh Allen QB Wyoming
8 Bears Roquan Smith LB Georgia
9 49ers Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame
10 Cardinals Josh Rosen QB UCLA

In the interest of time, we have not included all 32 draft picks, do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the list. It’s impressive to say the least and the last pick of the draft–#32, went to the Baltimore Ravens, who picked Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson was an easy top 10 pick in most football minds. The beauty for Jackson; he has very little to prove. Unlike Saquon Barkley, who has everything to prove. Now, if anyone can live up to the hype of the draft, it’s Barkley. He is that good and he changes the face of the New York Giants.

Finding an online sportsbook with competitive odds is extremely important for many reasons but this year especially when considering the many future bets available. The odds on totals always presents an interesting proposition and can be very lucrative if you know your NFL teams and where they stand and what chance they really have to come in under or over, the total. Be sure to check with your favorite bookie for the latest lines. Remember, odds can literally change overnight. The following table is a guide only. Again, check with your sportsbook for the latest and most up-to-the-minute future odds.

Team Total Over Under Pick
New England Patriots 11.5 -116 -114 Over
Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5 -114 -116 Over
Philadelphia Eagles 10 -125 -105 Under
Minnesota Vikings 10 -125 -105 Even
Green Bay Packers 10 +100 -135 Over
New Orleans Saints 9.5 -135 +105 Over
Oakland Raiders 9.5 -130 +100 Und
Atlanta Falcons 9.5 -118 -112 Under
Los Angeles Rams 9 -135 +105 Over
Los Angeles Chargers 9 -130 +100 Under
Houston Texans 9 -115 -115 Under
Seattle Seahawks 9 -105 -125 Even
San Francisco 49ers 8.5 -110 -120 Over
Baltimore Ravens 8.5 +100 -130 Under
Tennessee Titans 8.5 +110 -140 Over
Carolina Panthers 8 -140 +110 Under
Dallas Cowboys 8 -135 +105 Over
Jacksonville Jaguars 8 -125 -105 Over
Kansas City Chiefs 8 -105 -125 Under
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7.5 -130 +100 Under
Indianapolis Colts 7.5 -115 -115 Over
Denver Broncos 7.5 +110 -140 Under
Miami Dolphins 7 -130 +100 Under
New York Giants 7 +100 -130 Over
Washington Redskins 6.5 -140 +110 Under
Detroit Lions 6.5 -140 +110 Over
New York Jets 6.5 -116 -114 Under
Buffalo Bills 6 +100 -130 Over

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Player bonuses work in the same manner for both the NFL and the NCAA. Be sure to find one that suits your needs and play it to the bone. Why not beat the house with their own money! This season is set to be fantastic in both leagues and there are more than a few teams who look great on the over-for total wins, i.e. Denver, and the NY Giants. Check it out and be prepared.