If you are a bookie of any sort, you know how much fun it can be. Even with a couple of players it’s a fun gig. You also know what hard work it can be and you probably do not have the kind of time necessary to devote the proper attention to your clients and keep them playing. As a bookie you need action, you need a lot of it and the more the better. Al bookies no matter what the size, need action and a lot of cross action. Building up a client base is a must if you are going to be a successful bookie and this takes time and effort.

Bookies worldwide are growing tired of the hassle and have been ditching the traditional role. It no longer works, there is simply too much competition and going out on the street corner recruiting players certainly doesn’t work. Players are going online. That’s where all of the bookie services are. Players are even turning to Vegas and why not, when you can fly to Vegas from Dallas or Denver, Indianapolis, Chicago, Boise and even New York for less than $250, why not? Players are doing whats easy, fast and convenient and they want paid. The corner bookie is always a risk, they can disappear, go broke all sorts of negative scenarios can happen and the player may never see the money.

For more than 14 years, 247PPH has given bookies the freedom to make all the decisions on an account- by-account basis, providing the best opportunity to make money. With a world-class sportsbook, live betting, two casinos and a racebook, all on advanced bookie software, together with real time agent reports, let 247PPH take care of the hard work a

Every football season Bookies look to improve their bottom line and in order to do that, they must have their ducks in a row. Get out of the old and into the 21st century of bookmaking with bookie software from the RDG Corp.Rdgcorp.com has been doing business since 1996 and they know what builds a fantastic pay per head. They offer a turnkey sports

Are you looking for a Price Per Head solution to help build your bookie business? For more than 10 years, A1PPH has been offering sportsbook, casino and racebook software for one small monthly fee. It includes an easy to use interface for the agent and player, offering the best of both worlds to everyone.

Bookies also take a risk when they extend credit to players, or even when they take cash, they never know when they can get beat and beat bad. Bookies should be protecting themselves from credit players and from bad lines. Most bookies think they are lines movers and odds makers but in reality, they are not. If you are a bookie, you need help with the setting of lines, qualifying players, grading tickets, writing tickets, paying out winners and balancing the books.

Every bookie must be organized, they must stay on top of their players gambling habits and activity. As a bookie you must have limits, you must have competitive odds but they must be in favor of the house. Pay per head services do all of the above in one fell swoop! They take care of your bookie business as if you had hired a personal secretary. They support you with Lines and profiles, and they help you qualify players. A PPH gives you access to daily reports that manage your cash flow, manges your outstanding wagers, balance the book on a daily basis and best of all, grades tickets!

Find a great pay per head that offers at least a two week trial and really, a solid 4 weeks would be better. You will have a great idea whether or not you want to stick with them after a month. The beauty of a PPH is the low cost (around $10) per head, per week.

The best PPH companies in the business today, have patented bookie software, they guarantee their “up-time” with 99% accuracy and they have a toll free call center that can be accessed by both the client
and agent.

Pay per heads are new to some but not new to others and the bookies in the know, swear by them. No matter how many players you may have, whether it two or three or several hundred, a PPH is the only way to go if you want to bolster your bottom line, gain more players and offer the best lines and odds in the business. Don’t wait, check out a great pay per head service and get started now.