Top Pay Per Head Sites Do The Hard Work

When looking for the top pay per head sites (PPH), it takes a village sometimes to find a good one. The reality is, when you’re interested in starting a book of your own, whether to go big or have fun with friends, it’s important to understand the challenges of starting your own PPH.

The reality is, there are a lot of things that have to do with the infrastructure that you have to be responsible for. This can include customer service, software, security, processor, and more.


These are a lot of variables that most people don’t account for, and as a result, they get in over their heads and realize that the sportsbook of their dreams has become a nightmare.

Luckily, there is a way to create the PPH site of your dreams without the nightmare. Finding a reliable PPH is pretty much the whole battle.

Once you find a top pay per head site, the rest is cake. They can help set up your site, software, customer service, and a whole lot more, letting you focus on doing what you do best: Get customers and enjoy collecting from the handle. 

Today, we’ll even make it easier for you. Here are three of the best sites on the internet for squaring away your PPH services. It’s time you raise your expectations for pay per head bookie services.

RDG Corp

RDG Corp is one of the oldest PPH sites on the net, and while some might say that’s a bad thing, the reality is that RDG’s team has seen the offshore industry grow by leaps and bounds. They’ve been through everything, and with that experience comes service and expertise that can seldom be found in the offshore PPH space.

If you’re looking for a site that has it all, you need to go with RDG Corp. They are proud of their reputation, so should you have any questions, feel free to reach out. 

They are a site that has made a name for themselves as a full-service PPH largely due to their expertise and varied services, but no matter what your aspirations happen to be, they are a must-use PPH provider.

Real Bookies

The name isn’t just for show. Real Bookies is built for folks who are looking to become serious players in the industry.

With a robust customer service set-up, betting software, and experienced operators, Real Bookies is the number one bet for those looking to make a killing in the PPH space. Whether you’re a vet or an aspiring bookmaker, the name says it all.

Real Bookies is a Top Pay Per Head

Real Bookies is yet another highly reputable spot for would-be bookies and is well-known as a top pay per head around the industry.


When you need a top PPH with an ironclad reputation and is available around the clock, you need to visit 247PPH. They are one of the top options for those looking for reliable PPH services, and as the name suggests, you can take advantage of their exceptional offerings 24/7, 365. 

Get off the Sidelines and Use a PPH Service

No matter the option you choose, it’s time to get off your keister and make your sportsbook dream a reality!