What to Look for in an Online Sportsbook

The football season is here once again, and gamblers everywhere are gearing up to win a boatload of money. There are certainly many things to be excited about as we look forward to this season. Both, the NFL and college football seasons are on top of us and the first thing that should be a priority, is having your ducks in a row for a top of the line, online bookie service. Find a few Sportsbook to add to your repertoire. Sharp players use several sportsbooks, this is how you find the best lines and odds and the best wagering options. You want these options and there will be times this season when you need the options.

When looking for sportsbooks the number one thing on your list should be a great reputation for customer service. Ask yourself a few questions:

Can you call them and is it free? Think about this; if the bookie that you choose to do business with is in Malta or Costa Rica and you need to call them, but they don’t offer a toll free number, do you realize how much it will cost every time you pick up the phone? One call could cost $50 or more. Double check and make sure any bookie that you are going to make a deposit with has a toll free number that is accessible from the United States?


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What about deposits, do they offer Bitcoin, cash and credit card access? What about payouts, are they a bookie that comes with an honest reputation for paying out on time, or do they often give clients the runaround by slow paying or worse yet, never paying?  Do not get hooked up with a sportsbook that has a bad reputation for any of this or your football year will be miserable!

What about bookmakers that offer the best lines and odds and the best juice? You must have a bookie that offers sharp lines, or you are dead before you start. This is exactly the reason that you need more than one sportsbook. You really should have at least five but even three or four is a must. You will want one bookie for straight cash only, this way you can get your money when you ask for it and find a Sportsbook that pays within 48 hours. They do exist. You also want a bookie for bonus play. You most definitely want to take a bonus, but you probably want to keep the bonus account separate from the cash account. Here is the thing with a bonus account; after taking the bonus, your account will soon become a cash account! You can beat a bonus and here is how… hire a great handicapper!


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Find yourself a great handicapping service for this season and you will praise the day that you no longer went this journey alone. Quit flailing around and just stop the madness. Most normal folks have nowhere near the kind of time that it takes to handicap football. There are more than 200 games each week including the NFL and college. There are some great sports handicapping websites that are available on the web where they place all of the nationally known handicappers on one site, the good news; they are usually free sites. Do yourself this favor and you will see a huge difference in your betting bottom line.

Set a budget. There is simply no excuse for not setting a strict budget and sticking to it. Set a great budget, don’t go over it and know your limits. Prepared, organized and disciplined gamblers, win a lot of money. Unorganized and sloppy gamblers lose quickly, and the season is over. Don’t be that guy!

Prepare yourself for fun this year and be prepared to break the bookies. There is no excuse to not be a winner. The football season starts this week so get the money in now. Make those deposits, find the right bonus and contests’ and jump in the fray. Remember, you can’t do it all, so get yourself a well known handicapping service and beat these guys this year, beat the online sportsbooks.