Why Using Multiple Sportsbooks is Smart

Although you might be partial to a certain sportsbook, primarily for convenience purposes, there are reasons to use more. Using multiple sportsbooks instantly makes you a smarter bettor. Whether or how much you choose to expand your range of bookmakers depends on your budget and wagering tendencies.

First of all, the gambling laws where you reside will dictate if you have the option to use multiple sportsbooks. For the sake of this argument, we’ll assume that option is available to you, and you have access to multiple sites.

America's Bookie has it all
America’s Bookie has it all


Difference in Lines

Some larger bookmakers like William Hill operate sportsbooks for other companies and set lines for other sites. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other operators and differences in lines for games.

In the case of the NFL, point spreads can vary by as much as two points, especially just after the opening lines are set. The lines tend to have less variation as kickoffs approach and shopping different sportsbooks can pay off.

It’s not just the point spreads that differ, but also the odds the site will pay out on. For instance, in the Patriots-Chiefs game, DraftKings and FanDuel both have Kansas City at -7. But while DraftKings pays at -110, FanDuel has them at +100.

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That might not seem like a big difference on a $5 wager, but it is if you’re betting $100. Instead of having to bet $110 on DraftKings, you only need to put down $100 on FanDuel.

Because there is less attention paid to college football games, the variance in lines can be even greater. I found some as high as 3.5 points on sites that compare the lines from different sportsbooks.

Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

Most online sportsbooks offer a new customer bonus, in many cases matching opening deposits. Making minimum deposits to qualify for the bonus on multiple sites can be a sound strategy. It also allows you to try out different sportsbooks to see how they work for you.

The way bonuses are allocated or awarded also vary by sites. Some give matching credits when you place bets, and others give free bets. Others will actually match a percentage of your deposit in cash for you to use without restrictions.

By spreading your money around, you won’t be putting too much of your funds in one place. If, for some reason, you misunderstand the rule around bonuses, it won’t hurt you that badly. You’ll have other options that you can utilize.

Take a look at our sportsbook reviews. They will give you a great idea of what our sportsbooks stand for and show their commitment to their players.

Different funding and payout options

All sites try to make it easy for bettors to make deposits, although the sources of funds vary. Using multiple sportsbooks let you try out different ways of funding your account and how each site handles them.

Some methods require fees that might be paid by the site or passed onto the bettor. If you have an event that you want to place a wager on, the timing of the deposit is critical. Not all sites credit accounts in the same timeframe.

Bet Smarter: Using Multiple Sportsbooks

Where sites really differ is in how they pay out accounts that have a positive balance. Many have minimum withdrawal amounts and certain windows for processing them. Having accounts at multiple sportsbooks can give the bettor flexibility in managing their accounts.